Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Expo Museum

_wsb_300x282_MAa“Sights & Sound Black Cultural Expo, Inc.” presents over 8,000 pieces of art, documents, artifacts, video, book collectibles and memorabilia that chronologically display of historical passage of African Americans from the root existence of Africa to present day in America highlighting areas of great notoriety and accomplishments.

The unique feature of this exhibit is the extensive range of materials that is accessible, from historical memorabilia to contemporary art, being enhanced with visual and audio technology – visitors will be able to see documentaries and interviews on a LCD screen or monitor, also they will be able to hear audio on cassette players and CD players;   hoping to truly encourage others to collect, cherish and display their African American history and cultural. These images motivate and instill reflections of a positive cultural heritage.

The expositions are for educational and charitable purposes where our focus is about sharing, educating, preserving and displaying the great accomplishments of African American Cultural History with the community; through the enhancement of audio and visual technology with artifacts and art. Encouraging everyone, regardless of color, creed, ethnicity, nationality, sex, age, religion or disability to explore and learn more about the positive black history, culture and the many wonderful success stories that derived out of a people.


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