Black Women Were Active During Kavanaugh and Ford Senate Hearings

Donna M. Owens Sep, 28, 2018

African American women were vocal, active participants during Thursday’s Senate hearing on Capitol Hill, as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified about her accusations of sexual assault and he offered a counter defense.

From the women of the Congressional Black Caucus who marched with fellow lawmakers to the proceedings, to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the only Black woman on the Senate Judiciary Committee, to protestors who packed the Senate office building amid heavy security and police, Black women, teens and little girls from across the country were present.

Angela Ferrell-Zabala, who was sporting a short Afro and all black clothing, came with colleagues from Planned Parenthood. LaDon Love, who’s part of a social justice group called SPACEs wore a T-shirt that read: Believe Women. So did Rose Walters, who proudly described her Caribbean roots.

And Triana Arnold James, a veteran who traveled from Georgia to attend the hearing, wore a T-shirt that noted: `I Am A Survivor.’

Many Black women told ESSENCE they felt compelled to be part of the Democratic process as it unfolded in real time.

Ebonie Riley, who’s in her 30s, is the D.C. Bureau Chief, National Action Network, the civil rights group founded by Rev. Al Sharpton. She came to the hearing with Minister Kirsten John Foy, the Northeast Regional Director of NAN, Isabel Zeitz-Moskin, a NAN national field organizer and Katrina Jefferson from the New York City chapter.


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