All About the White Man Who Shot and Killed Two Black People at a Kentucky Kroger

On Wednesday, October 24, a 51-year-old man drove to a Kroger in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, where he shot and killed two black people whom police believe he did not know: Maurice E. Stallard and Vickie Lee Jones. The suspect, a white man named Gregory Bush, is facing multiple counts of murder and wanton endangerment for his crime; police say they are still investigating his motive. After the shooting, he reportedly told a white bystander, “Whites don’t kill whites.”

On Thursday, police said that Bush had stopped somewhere just minutes before the supermarket: a nearby, predominantly black church. Bush yanked on the church’s front doors, as captured by surveillance video, but the secured entrances remained locked, and Bush gave up after ten minutes. Then, he drove to Kroger.

Police are still investigating the shooting. Here’s what we know so far.

The alleged shooter, Gregory Bush, has a history of violence and racism

On Wednesday, 51-year-old Gregory Bush of Louisville, Kentucky, traveled to Jeffersontown, which is about a 25-minute drive. In the afternoon, sometime before 3 p.m., police say he tried to enter First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown during a midweek service. According to the church administrator, Billy Williams, somewhere between eight and ten people were inside the church when Bush started pulling on the front doors, which alarmed a church member who was in the parking lot. After ten minutes, Bush got back in his car and headed to Kroger, where police say he fired multiple rounds at Maurice E. Stallard, and later struck Vickie Lee Jones multiple times in the parking lot.

According to court records, Bush has been convicted of domestic assault, and has a history of making racist remarks, such as speaking about “black death” and calling his wife the N-word.

In a May 2009 case, Bush was accused of screaming profanities at his ex-wife and and threatening her. He was convicted of domestic assault, which means it’s against federal law for him to own a gun.


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