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LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) October 18, 2018

Sweet, a loyalty-fueled social marketplace, has partnered with Rock the Vote to spread the word about the importance of young people exercising their right to vote.

Sweet’s platform boosts voter engagement by combining a loyalty platform with a digital reward token called Sugar. Sweet enables brands, organizations, artists, and athletes to reward fans for their engagement, time, and data with a universal “spendable value.” The digital platform is fully opt-in, providing a transparent and gamified way to engage users. Brands and organizations establish deeper relationships with consumers and experience a multiplier effect on their engagement through the platform. Likewise, consumers collect Sugar tokens for meaningful actions; those tokens carry a specific value accepted across the brands in Sweet’s unified rewards marketplace.

Sweet has partnered with Rock the Vote to help increase civic engagement among young people. Rock the Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit, has become the most effective youth voter registration and engagement program in the United States, adding more than 8 million voters to the rolls.

“Young people often don’t feel empowered to participate in the political process,” said Tom Mizzone, CEO at Sweet. “Our digital platform reaches young people where they’re at. Sweet makes it easier to get the word out and helps people feel valued for simply participating.”

Brands and influencers are producing videos and digital content to engage fans on the importance of voting. In turn, Sweet will reward people for educating others, watching the videos, sharing them on social media, and becoming part of the civic engagement movement. Sweet’s platform, hosted at https://sweet.io and within the Rock the Vote website, allows people to check their voter registration and refer others to join the community. Meaningful actions earn Sugar tokens, which can be used in Sweet’s Rock the Vote Rewards Marketplace; brands like Inked Magazine and LockN Music Festival, as well as numerous artists, athletes, and celebrities, are donating product.

“Participation from artists like Black Eyed Peas helps young people understand that every vote matters,” explains Mizzone. “More than ever, young people want to engage but, don’t necessarily know how. Sweet gives them new tools to both participate in the political sphere and make it a social experience. This innovative technology drives home the kind of payoff civic engagement can have.”


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