Non-Voting Blacks Commit Suicidal Lynchings

The graphic photo for this piece is an effigy of a lynched Black man with a poster on its chest reading, “This Ni–er Voted.” It was hung in 1940 by the KKK in Miami, Florida to frighten Blacks from voting.

And today, in 2018, instead of being too frightened by the KKK to vote, far too many Blacks are too apathetic or too shortsighted to vote. And the KKK, along with the racist Donald Trump-loving Republican Party, is very happy about that.

Next to that horrific image above is a photo of the title of a 2005 New York Times article regarding the “too little, too late” apology by the United States Senate for its failure to do anything about the 4,742 documented lynchings between 1882-1968 throughout the country, many of the victims being Blacks who registered to vote or Blacks who voted or Blacks who encouraged Blacks to register to vote or Blacks who encouraged Blacks to vote.

On June 13 of that year, the Senate- which consists of members elected by people who care enough to vote- issued a resolution officially telling the family members of lynching victims that it was sorry. But there were two major problems with that.

The first is it didn’t provide any reparations whatsoever.

The second is it wasn’t unanimous. Twenty Senators refused to co-sponsor it or even to sign their names on it. After widespread public outrage, that number was quickly reduced to eight Senators who continued to refuse. And- you guessed it- they were all Republicans.

Before I continue, I need to make something very clear: Although I am a registered Democrat (at least for the time being and have been throughout my entire adult life), I dislike the Democratic Party. And the only reason I am a Democrat is I despise the Republican Party. Allow me to explain.


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