GOP Sends Black Georgia Congresswoman Rep. Lucy McBath a “For Sale” Sign with Her Name On It

That one slip, “I bought,” is probably not the message that Bloomberg wanted to convey. But it got a lot of people’s attention, with both Justice Democrats, the progressive political action committee, and Donald Trump Jr. seizing on the comment.

One of those of those 21 Democrats whose campaign benefited from Bloomberg is Lucy McBath of Georgia’s 6th district. McBath’s 17-year-old son was murdered in 2012, after a white man started shooting at him and his friends because he thought their music was too loud. A group funded by Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, spent $1.25 million to help elect McBath in 2018, according to the Washington Post, helping her flip a historically Republican seat. McBath endorsed Bloomberg in the Democratic presidential primary.

Since the election, conservative groups have had their sights on McBath. In an interview in May of last year, National Rifle Association president Carolyn Meadows said that her stance on gun control “didn’t have anything to do with [McBath’s election]. It had to do with being a minority female.” Meadows, who also led a group that opposed the construction of a Martin Luther King Jr. monument, later apologized.

And on Wednesday, Camille Gallo, the regional press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, which works to elect Republicans to the House of Representatives, tweeted out that the NRCC was trolling McBath over Bloomberg’s comments. To drive home that they believed her seat was bought and paid for, Gallo apparently sent McBath a “For Sale” sign with her name on it.


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