Color of Change: Black Voters Determined Super Tuesday Results

Rashad Robinson, President of Color Of Change and spokesperson for Color Of Change PAC, issued the following statement on last night’s Super Tuesday results:

Rashad Robinson is available for interviews upon request.

“Yesterday’s primary results underscored significant and instructive lessons that candidates would do well to heed: Black voters can make or break a campaign. From Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropping out after seeing no pathway to the Black vote after South Carolina, to Biden taking home many southern states last night, the message is clear.

However, Black voters are not a monolith, but rather a group made up of millions of people across the country with diverse opinions. And persistent, insidious voter suppression and misinformation campaigns online mean we are not in a fair fight.

It’s clear from last night’s results that relationships and local concerns lead Black people to vote. Last night, we saw contrasts in voting by age, location, and education. Many older voters are rightly concerned with harm reduction and not losing the gains Black people have fought and died for, so we saw them prioritize candidates who they think will best protect against this outcome. For younger Black voters, we saw more aspirational voting, persuaded by descriptions of how to achieve structural change, rather than just stories of what’s not working. This should come as no surprise but serve as a mandate. Each of these votes must be earned.

To fight back against Trump and Trumpism, these voting blocs must be unified. And they can be. It is incumbent on the candidates to continue to build genuine relationships and engage with voters not only through the election but all the time. Candidates must show up in Black communities, they must listen and they must incorporate these insights into real policy.


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