8hiunThe “Documenting Your Family History” Beginners Workbook was designed, ideally to be used in conjunction with the “Documenting Your Family History” Workshop to help anyone to document their family history.  It will assist with the recording of your family ancestral information starting, with you, and going back 4 generations to your 16 great great grandparents.

A beginning family historian or genealogy researcher can use this Workbook to take the first steps in discovering the origins and growth of their lineage.  It was created, in such a way, that a person can use the Workbook as their own personal record of their family lineage from birth to death.   The Workbook will allow you ample space for documenting multiple generations i.e. your information, your parent’s and sibling’s, 4 your grandparent’s, 8 great grandparents, and your 16 great great grandparent’s information.  There is space to catalog their name, date and place of birth, date of passing (if deceased), and much more.

Price:  $12.00

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