New Jersey Apps Developer Hugh Smith Focuses Learning Tools on Black History

Hugh Smith, the owner of Quikthinking Software, has released new apps featuring quotes and oral histories from important Black figures.

Quikthinking‘s Black History Quotes Express app offers several thousand inspiring, motivational and reflective author quotes. A second app by the New Jersey-based company is an audio narrative app “voiced by the educated, the soothsayers, the griot, and our elders.”

Black History Express features stories about historic African Americans within 26 chapters and featuring several hundred people. Both apps were made for the Android platform but Apple iOS versions will be released in the future. The apps were released as part of the 20-year anniversary of Quikthinking Software.

“Both apps gather together well-researched factual information and thought-provoking anecdotes that offer a time slice into our culture. Getting history right is the most important thing an informed citizen can do,” said Smith.

He adds that these two apps are a way to “memorialize and acknowledge the past.”


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