20140220_110903This unique traveling exhibit is a collection of 12” tall figures all dressed in the uniform of the period represented. There are over 70 figures in the collection beginning with the American Revolution. The figures here depict not only those African Americans who fought for American independence, but also those who chose to take up arms in service to Great Britain in exchange for emancipation from the life of a slave.

The collection was put together piece by piece over a number of years. It is rare that toy manufacturers make African American figures. In order to create the figures I would have to purchase parts and put together my idea as to what a figure should look like and eventually I would begin to put together the character I had in mind to display. For this reason many of the figures shown do not exist anywhere else

This collection of figures will tell the stories that need to be told.  Stories of the sacrifices that were made in order to bring us to this time, to this day, when perhaps more now than ever before there is a hunger for knowledge and an appreciation for the services of history’s forgotten heroes.

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