This page was created to assist in building the Hope Family (genogram) tree.  I am a member of the Hope family so this will be a wonderful personal journey for me as much as it will be for you.

Please complete the form to help in building the family tree.  Rest assured that this information is private and the only way to get to this page is from the link I sent out through email.  The only people who have access to this page are the people who have this link.  The only person who will see this information is me.

Preserving Black is my personal website.  I created it in an effort to preserve some of our rich Black history that is often difficult to locate.  If you click on a link above and it takes you off of this page, you will need to re-click on the link I sent you in order to get back here.

I look forward to meeting more of my family!!!

*Click Here to learn about the workbook I have published to assist Black families like ours in documenting their family history.

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