Rampant Voter Suppression Underway, with Black Voters the Chief Target

By Chauncey K. Robinson

October 12, 2018 10:03 AM CDT

With the mainstream media obsessed over Kanye West and Donald Trump’s latest ploy for attention and the revelation that Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller used to sniff glue back in elementary school, a new report by the Associated Press that thousands of voters are being purged from the voting rolls is not getting the attention it deserves.

The AP revealed this week that on the last day of voter registration in Georgia, over 53,000 voter applications remain sitting on hold at the Secretary of State’s office due to the “exact match” policy. A majority of those voter applicants are African-American.

Many eyes are on Georgia as we near the 2018 midterm elections, given the fact that if Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams wins, she will be the first Black female governor in the history of the United States. The progressive Abrams is up against Republican Brian Kemp—who also happens to be the current Secretary of State, meaning his office is the one in charge of the crucial voting rolls in Georgia. Despite the Abrams’ campaign and voting rights advocates pointing out the potential conflict of interest, Kemp is refusing to leave office before the election.

According to AP, Kemp’s office flagged the nearly 53,000 voter applicants under the state’s “exact match” process. Under this rule, the information on a voter application has to match exactly with the data on file at the Social Security Administration and the state’s Department of Driver Services. If the information does not match, and this can happen often due to issues such as a person’s middle name not being fully written out, misspellings, and the like, an application is held for further screening.


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