Police won’t Investigate Minnesota Congressman Rep. Keith Ellison for Abuse; Cite Conflict

Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis Police Department said Wednesday that it won’t investigate domestic abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison due to a conflict of interest.

State Democratic officials asked Minneapolis police to conduct an investigation after an attorney with links to the party found an ex-girlfriend’s claims unsubstantiated.

Minneapolis police said they won’t handle the matter due to a conflict, or the appearance of a conflict, and they are talking with other agencies to see where they can refer the case. The department didn’t elaborate on the conflict.

An ex-girlfriend of Ellison, Karen Monahan, alleged in August that the Democratic congressman dragged her off a bed by her feet while screaming obscenities at her in 2016.

Ellison, a deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee who is now running for Minnesota attorney general, has denied the allegation.

A draft report of an investigation requested by the state Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party found that Monahan’s claims were unsubstantiated . Since the report was leaked Monday, the DFL has said it wanted law enforcement to conduct an objective investigation.


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