Police Reportedly Shoot Black Man In The Back More Than A Dozen Times In City Plagued By Racial Profiling

Protesters were understandably questioning the official version of a deadly police-involved shooting of an African-American man in Portland, Oregon, because of the department’s record with Black people.

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Members of the group Don’t Shoot Portland gathered at the scene of the shooting in downtown Portland on Sunday, hours after the police said they shot and killed an armed suspect early in the morning, KATU-TV reported.

The slain man was identified on social media as 27-year-old Patrick Kimmons, who was reportedly a father of three young children. This latest police killing came against the backdrop of complaints about racial profiling and police killings of Black men in a city that’s just 6 percent African-American.

“He was a child, and he was a father, and he was a brother, and he was a son,” Teressa Raiford, a Don’t Shoot Portland organizer, said about Kimmons.

Some stories circulating on social claimed that claimed the police shot Kimmons in the back up to 15 times.


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