Americans Less Positive About Black Civil Rights Progress

by Justin McCarthy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans still widely believe that civil rights for blacks have improved during their lifetime, but the 76% who say this is down from 87% in 2013. Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who say the situation stayed the same or has worsened (23%) is the highest Gallup has ever found.

r-j9oot0tuskdykjcvo5mgThese data are from a June 15-July 10 Gallup poll that asked American adults various questions about the state of civil rights for blacks in the U.S. The poll was taken after a year of high-profile deaths of young, black men at the hands of white police officers.

Americans were most positive about civil rights for blacks in 2011, when half said the situation had greatly improved and about four in 10 (39%) said they had somewhat improved. Only 11% said they had stayed the same or worsened.

Only a few years later, more than twice as many Americans (23%) feel civil rights for blacks have stayed the same or have worsened over the course of their lifetimes. Despite this record-high negative view, most Americans feel civil rights have gotten at least marginally better.


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