Dear White People’s Jeremy Tardy Accuses Lionsgate and Netflix of ‘Racial Discrimination’: ‘It is the Very Epitome of Hypocrisy’

Annabel Nugent Sept. 11, 2020

The Independent

“Dear White People” actor Jeremy Tardy revealed that he will not be returning to the show due to experiences of “racial discrimination”.

In a series of Twitter posts, which have garnered nearly 30,000 likes, Tardy chronicled the events that led to his exit from the acclaimed series.

The actor claimed that Lionsgate made him an offer to return for season four, but declined to consider his team’s counter offer despite having done so for a white actor in a similar position to Tardy.

“My team was notified that our counter offer would not be considered and that the initial offer was the ‘best and final’”, he said.

“This news was disturbing because one of my white colleagues – being a true ally – revealed that they too had received the same initial offer and had successfully negotiated a counter offer,” wrote Tardy.

As a result, the actor has been written off the series.


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