Believe! Progressives Can Beat Trumpism if We Get Out the Vote

Andrew Gillum just won the Florida Democratic primary for Governor.  Formerly the mayor of Tallahassee, Gillum, a Bernie Sanders styled progressive, was a surprise win.  No one saw it coming.  Polling did not put him in the lead.  He hardly had any ads on TV.  But he had what we need to win in 2018.  He is an authentic, charismatic man with an inspirational message that is unashamedly liberal and an army of foot soldiers going door to door on his behalf to encourage people to get out to vote. He juiced the turn out by going bold.  31% of Dems came out to vote compared to the usual 10% to 18% in a primary.

Tom Steyer and George Soros also helped to fund him, and Bernie Sanders stumped on his behalf.  That doesn’t hurt either.  But they supported him because he’s the Round Up Weed-killer that will destroy Trump and Trumpism, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Like Stacy Abrams, also an inspirational African American who won her primary in Georgia for the governorship, Andrew Gillum has the potential to inspire voters to get out and vote in large numbers.  Ben Jealous in Maryland is another inspirational black leader running to be governor.  And in Arizona, David Garcia could become the first Latino governor.

There is tremendous enthusiasm, energy and excitement in our country on the more progressive, socially liberal “left” side of the political divide.  The future voters of America, Millennials and Parkland age voters want to see the Democratic Party move further to the left.  Andrew Gillum showed the way.  Gillum was fearlessly progressive in his positions: Medicare for all, ban assault weapons, criminal justice reform and greater accountability for the police, and abolish ICE were some of his key positions.  That is the direction our country is going as the old white dudes die off over time, including the old white supremacist dude in the White House.  Gillum is unabashedly in favor of impeaching Trump.


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