Bay Area Attorney Who Went to Yale with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh: ‘I’m worried’

Bay Area lawyer Vernon Grigg went to Yale Law School at the same time as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Grigg spoke with ABC7’s Kristen Sze in our San Francisco studio about what Kavanaugh was like.

“No one has anything really bad to say about Brett personally,” Grigg said. “He’s warm, he’s engaged, he’s funny. He’s really quick with the wit.”

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That being said, Grigg doesn’t think Kavanaugh was necessarily the brightest star of their class.

“He didn’t really distinguish himself as the smartest person, in part because he was pretty quiet. He listened more than he talked,” Grigg recalled.

But Grigg didn’t mince words when it comes to the impact he believes Kavanaugh could have on the court: “He’s an originalist,” Grigg explained. “Brett is qualified. Brett is smart. But Brett is going to change the role of the Supreme Court in the country as we know it.”

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