Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Rips Trump For Insulting His City, Tallahassee Florida With Cowardly Lies

Trump thought he could attack Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum (D-FL) with impunity this weekend — but Gillum immediately stood up to Trump’s dishonesty and cowardice.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted in support of Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and his racist campaign. He also attacked Gillum by saying, “His opponent runs one of the worst & most corrupt cities in USA!”

Gillum immediately responded by calling Trump out for not having the “courage” to attack him by name, or even his Twitter username: “When you lie about me from the most powerful office in the world and still don’t have the courage to @ me…”

A few hours later, Gillum released a video once again calling Trump out for his cowardice, and for “lying on me, and the City of Tallahassee.”

“I don’t expect much more or anything different from him,” Gillum said. “In fact, you all shouldn’t expect anything different from Ron DeSantis. These are two guys who have no relationship with the truth, and don’t seek to have a relationship with the truth.”

Gillum continued by touting his positive vision for the future of Florida.

“I’m relying on you, and I believe that we will win, and we’re going to do it by getting out there giving people a reason to vote for something rather than against,” Gillum said. “We’re going to win by telling the truth, and by speaking a vision for the future of this great state.”

This is not the first time that Trump has attacked Gillum, and Tallahassee, in such a cowardly fashion. Trump even dared to attack the city of Tallahassee as Hurricane Michael was bearing down on the region.

But Trump’s attacks aren’t just cowardly — they are also inaccurate.


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