The World Can’t Afford President Obama’s Silence Anymore

01/28/2017 09:08 pm ET

Dave R. Jacobson  Huffington Post, Democratic Strategist, Campaign Consultant and Political Analyst based in Los Angeles, California.

Co-Authored by Maclen Zilber, Democratic Strategist and Campaign Consultant based in Hollywood, CA

Under the less than ten day old Trump presidency, it seems that every day there’s a new war.

A war against the facts. A war against the president of Mexico. A war against the media. A war against the environment. A war against NATO. A war against muslims. A war against our election system. A war against Hollywood celebrities. A war against women’s rights. A war against China. A war against presidential etiquette. A war against refugees.

Barack Obama’s presidency is just a few days into the rear view mirror, and already questions are being raised about whether or not these wars that Trump has incited, will ever end.

The sitting president’s continued flame-throwing and open hostility towards the world, both domestically and internationally, is increasingly raising tensions inside the United States and abroad, while sowing the seeds of conflict, chaos and instability across the planet.

Trump’s actions are even raising questions about whether his dangerous and divisive moves are putting Americans, and all of Earth’s human inhabitants, on a collision course destined for global war.

We sincerely hope not, as this question is downright scary to imagine or even to conceptualize.

At the heart of what makes the Trump presidency so dangerous is his overt willingness to look the American people in the eye— and flat out lie to them.

Trump first did it through his press secretary, Sean Spicer, regarding the crowd size of his inauguration. Then he did it himself the following day at CIA headquarters, conveying the same falsehood as Spicer. At the same event, Trump misrepresented the facts about his relationship with the intelligence community, saying the media created the illusion that he had a poor relationship with the apparatus, when just days before his inauguration it was Trump who callously compared it to “Nazi Germany.”

The next day, and the third day of Trump’s presidency, his senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway, refused to dispute Trump’s lies, instead branding them as “alternative facts,” on NBC’s show Meet the Press.

Even worse, on day four, after being sworn in as America’s 45th commander-in-chief, Trump lied to Congressional leaders, saying there was widespread voter fraud to the tune of 3-5 million votes in the November 2016 election. The false claim essentially undermined both the legitimacy of his election as President of the United States, as well as the entire fabric that holds our representative democracy together.

These lies likely only scratch the surface of what’s to come from Trump in the years ahead, and unfortunately, his tyrannical, schizophrenic and erratic behavior is increasingly putting every American’s security at risk.


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