Leete Hall Still Captivating Display of Architecture at 93

DSCN6667“The New Schools at Carver” had its beginnings as the campus of Clark Theological Seminary.   Designed in 1922 by local Black architect, Alexander Hamilton, Leete Hall still provides a captivating addition to the landscape and a testament to the enduring legacy of this most talented man. Leete Hall was the campus of Clark University and Gammon College, now Gammon Theological Seminary.

Gammon School of Theology had its beginning, first as a department of religion and philosophy at Clark University for the 1869-1870 academic year. In February 1872, Clark Theological Seminary was opened with 26 students.

In 1883 Gammon Theological Seminary was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Today, Gammon is the United Methodist component of a consortium of six historical African American theological schools located adjacent to the Atlanta University Center complex. These schools comprise the Interdenominational Theological Center.

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